Jenny, works in downtown Singapore – smart, talented and well turned out. Her mornings are busy with a quick breakfast and a tabao coffee at Killiney or Coffee Toast. Her days are mostly packed with client meetings and busy lunches.

Her friend Maria, has taken a break from work to support her family – her mornings are equally busy, getting her little Jayden up and about. And while seeing him off to playschool, she drops by at 24-hours Fairprice, and hurriedly pulls out a foldable bag to pick up grocery for the day.

On this typical Saturday morning, when Jenny steps into the lift heading for her weekend yoga, she runs into this new neighbor – a young man not much older than herself, donning a smart flat cap – who greets her with a contained charm. As she acknowledges rather amazed, she cannot help but notice an empty egg carton popping out of a red plastic bag he is carrying. She instinctively asks– do you recycle?

She’s met one of her rare kinds who diligently recycles in Singapore. And as they say, the rest is history.

Do Jenny, Maria or James sound anything like you? If so, you’re the one we’re looking for. Come partner or volunteer with us for programmes designed to encourage small changes in people’s lifestyles to reduce impact of our urban living on nature.